If you know me, you know this is true. I had to write this for a creative writing class. Thought those of you who know the back story might like this. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, this is a true story… really it is…


Come one, come all, lady and gent, child and man, to hear the story of four brave young souls who dared to sink a mighty vessel of the great Lord Chandler. This story is as much true, as it is amazing. These four young souls learned a valuable lesson in their escapade. This story is told as a warning to all other young lads and lassies who wish to make brave decisions without thinking them through.
It was a warm summer’s afternoon with the sun shining and a cool breeze from the north. Our four young lads were sitting in the castle courtyard dying of boredom. For it was not just a week earlier that their brothers in arms had gone on a wonderful crusade to the west, to find fortune and fame, even perhaps, to find a young maiden to bring home. These four young men decided that they themselves wanted to have an adventure, an adventure that could rival their friends’ stories of the far west. But what to do they pondered. Then whilst out riding on their faithful steeds they came across the lands of the powerful Lord Chandler. To their surprise they saw a massive ship of war in his waters. This was very surprising, to the young men because it was in the waters bordering the men’s father’s lands. Very perplexed, the four men rode home as fast as they could. While eating a hearty meal of meats and cheeses, the men decided to do something about the ship of war that they had seen earlier that day. They cheered and laughed, thinking about the glory that their friends would give them.
That night, the four men said their prayers and went out on a mission. This mission was not complicated, sneak past the walls and gates of Lord Chandler, then slip into the dark waters where the great beast of a ship sat, seemingly mocking the four young lads. Once in the water the men were going to drill one small hole in the underbelly of the great beast. This, they thought, would surely cause enough ruckuses in the ranks of Lord Chandler to keep him busy, while the fathers of the young men gathered armies to defend their lands. This was not as easy as it sounded. Lord Chandler had great iron gates protecting his lands. He also had mercenary knights who did his bidding on regular patrols through his lands. Lord Chandler also had complete loyalty of the peoples throughout his lands. Therefore, the young lads had to be very careful not to be seen by anyone. The risk of being captured was outweighed by the young men’s thirst for glory.
As the crescent moon shined, four men entered the realm of Lord Chandler. The young men were surprised at the lack of resistance they encountered. For there was no one on the streets, not even the mercenary knights were out on their usual hunts for intruders. All that was to be heard was the wind blowing through a peasant’s wind chime and the soft gentle lapping of the waves on the side of the shore. The young men, thinking that there may be a trap, stopped to discuss their options. They then decided to go on with the deed, but they would keep one of the party from going into the water to serve as a lookout. The party split into two groups. Three into the dark and murky water went, and one to the top of a hill to watch for the fearsome knights.
The water was unusually cold that night. But the young men tolerated the pain of frigid waters, for they had great hopes and imagined the glory and perhaps, the great treasure they would be receiving as a reward for sinking the great beast of a ship. Three heads moved across the water line, barely visible unless one was looking specifically for intruders in the water. This was surely not to be the case seeing as the great lake of Lord Chandler was notorious for being treacherous to swimmers because of the green moss that covered its shallower water.
The lookout, keeping close watch from a grand hill to the south, watched the three heads move closer and closer to the ship. As the heads moved closer to the ship they disappeared from sight due to the long dark shadow cast by the “beast.” As the lookout waited, he began to worry about his friends because it had been nearly a fourth of one hour. The water was surely cold enough to cause harm to his friends. As soon as the lookout moved down the hill to investigate the long absence of his friends, his friends emerged from the deep. Chilled to the bone, a bit blue, and smelling like the green moss that covered the lake, the men rode as fast as they could out of the lands of Lord Chandler.
The next morning they awoke early to venture to the borders to see the fruits of their labor. When they arrived they saw the knights pulling the great beast from the water and looking at its undercarriage. They discovered the hole and knew that it had been sabotaged. The young men did feel a bit guilty, because they knew that the townspeople would be the one who would have to pay for the reconstruction of the great beast. They rode home to meet their brothers arriving home from the west. As the group of friends laughed over the stories that they all had, the four men shared their story of the great beast. To their dismay their story was not met with laughter, but gasps of frustration and anger. For not even four nights earlier a peace treaty was signed with the people of Lord Chandler.
Fearing that the great Lord Chandler would issue a warrant of arrest for the culprits who sank his boat, the men went to the castle of Lord Chandler and met with his top advisors. They admitted they had been the ones who sank the great beast and wanted to make right what they had done. The advisors were angry, but relieved that they had the culprits. They could almost taste the fear in the air coming from the young boys. The advisors then retreated to the dark back chambers of the castle, to decide the fate of the young boys. Some of the advisors, who had a personal stake in the beast wanted to turn the boys over to King Sam the Chandler’s uncle, who was notorious for his harshness and his ability to make grown men cry. But, out of the frustration with the revenge seekers, the eldest and wisest of the advisers stood up and made a plea for the young boys. She saw that the boys truly wanted to make right their wrong, and noted their courage for turning themselves in. She thought of her own young ones who had made unwise and brash decisions. She swayed the vote in favor of the young men. She spoke in ways that were reminiscent of the penmen of old. As the counsel of elders and advisors came from the inner parts of the castle, the eldest of them, the boys only ally, came before the rest to read the fate of the young and foolish boys. The beads of sweat, on the young one’s heads, were glimmering in the sun, as it was mid-day and the sun was in full dominion over the sky. The judgment passed down upon the boys was fair and just.

I know, crap ending… I will finish it… but not tonight I am going to bed…


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