Monthly Archives: April 2009

Summer Movie Goodness…

Well as this weekend marks the premire of the first movie that I want to see this summer (I know not really summer yet)… I am putting in list form the ones that I will be sure not to miss…

In order of release date…

1. Wolverine (Did you know that Hugh Jackman got his start in Australia’s equivalent of Broadway?)

2. Star Trek (Picard is so much better than Kirk)

3. Terminator Salvation (this is the closest I am going to get to something that reminds me of Batman)

4. Up (pretty much everything Pixar does is really cool)

5. Transformers 2 (all I can say is… sweet)

6. Harry Potter 6 (I really don’t know why I like these movies)

7. G.I. Joe (The real American hero!!!!!)


Preaching and Teaching the Authoritative Word

O how I wish I would have learned this before I got my first chance to teach the Bible… but praise God for his mercy and grace…

Inoculated to Jesus??

I am really enjoying learning from this man (Matt Chandler)… as I used to be one of those guys that he is talking about at the end…

Thought Provoking Quote of the Week (April 26- May 2)

“Before we can begin to see the cross as something done for us, we have to see it as something done by us.”

John Stott

Has Science Killed God??

Tim Keller is so cool…

What Are The Non-Negotiables For The Gospel?

Is the God of the Bible the Same as the God of the Q’uran??

Tons of resources like this (and all other things Gospel related) at the Gospel Coalition website