The Sponge…

Pastor Mark Driscoll started a new sermon series entitled Luke’s Gospel: Investigating the Man Who Is God… It is going to be awesome in the truest sense of the word… check out this clip from the series…

That’s our Jesus, it is all about him!


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2 responses to “The Sponge…

  • Shane Bertou

    Driscoll takes some liberties with the narrative but I don’t think he’s strayed too far from the “spirit” of the texts he’s referencing… (Which seems like it’s mostly based on John’s account with a dab of Luke’s)

    I’ve (obviously?) never heard this interpretation before. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how it all went down. But it does make the passage make more sense.

    I, like Driscoll mentioned, have always interpreted that passage to be an act of (mild) compassion. However, I guess this could explain why they just happened to have sponges and wine vinegar on hand at the scene. And it would fit with the rest of the events from that day.

  • SGRWebster


    the authorship thing is a joke. Click on the link.

    Got your email. Love you. Proud of you. Will walk with you through all of it.

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