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Free and Cheap Stuff!!!

Some free stuff here. It is some of the best news that I have heard all week!!! Redeemer Presbyterian is in the process of posting years of Tim Keller’s sermons. If you want to hear some good stuff about Jesus, go on over to Redeemer’s Free Sermon Resource.

Download Tim Keller’s Sermons

O, and I found the picture on The Resurgence.


Sweet Sermon!!!

I love Dr. Carson! God continues to be bless me through his ministry, time and time again. He is a little “heavy”, but if you pay attention, you will for sure, be blessed as well. This sermon/lecture was given at Mars Hill church. It is from a series entitled “A Day with Dr. Don.”  To hear the “Sweet Sermon” click the link below the pic.

“The Center of the Whole Bible” Romans 3:21-26

by Dr. Don Carson

Was it Possible for Jesus to Sin?

A very good answer to a very complicated question.

Is Religion Bad for the World?

Doug Wilson (leading Christian thinker and real cool guy)  and Christopher Hitchens (leading atheist thinker) debate the subject of religion. If you want to read the basic arguments go HERE (Huffington Post Article). You will love the title of Doug Wilson’s article.

One word for this debate: Epic

Abortion Testimony: God Can Redeem Any Situation

Found this posted on The Resurgence website. Great story of  God and his goodness.

Please be praying for Mars Hill church.

Counterfeit Gods

Tim Keller has a new book, on a very important topic, entitled Counterfeit Gods (released on Oct 20). In this video he explains why he wrote this book. I have loved everything Tim Keller has written so far (yes, I pre-ordered my copy like two months ago). If you have a couple extra bucks I encourage you to pick yourselves up a copy of this book.

Thought Provoking Quote of the Week (Oct. 18 – 24)

“They have sinned away shame instead of being ashamed of sin.”

-Thomas Brooks (Jeremiah 3:3)