Not Enough Time…

If you have checked my blog lately you have probably noticed that I have not posted much recently. This is because I am in college and it is end of semester time. That means finals, papers, projects etc, etc, etc. So the blog takes a back seat for these couple of weeks. Don’t worry, I am keeping tabs on some cools stuff that I find around the web. I will begin posting all sorts of stuff when this semester is over and done with (praise God!). But if you are bored go check out the “archives!” I have posted a couple hundred things in the past year, so that should keep you busy for awhile.  The only thing that I will try to update is the ongoing news concerning Matt Chandler. He is totally worth taking the time to update the blog! I will be up and running again in a few days…

Wish I was here again… contemplating how awesome God is… while staring at the ocean… but thank God that I can have memories like this!


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"Soli Deo Gloria" through the work of "Solus Christus" given to me by "Soli Gratia" received by "Soli Fide," as taught by "Sola Scriptura." View all posts by mchilders

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