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The Four Holy Gospels…

Take a look at this “new” book (by new, I mean that the book is old, the art is new). I have seen this artist’s work before and it is very cool. This is a perfect example of being a Christian and an artist, not just making some weird form of “christian art.” This project is on amazon for 37% off (pre-sale price)! Christmas gift idea?

From the Crossway blog:

Makoto Fujimura, one of the century’s most highly regarded artists, has illuminated the Four Holy Gospels. Fujimura is known for his use of traditional Japanese Nihonga techniques and his passion for reconnecting Christian faith with fine art. This will mark the first time in nearly 400 years that an illuminated book of the four Gospels has been undertaken by a single artist. . . .

Editions of The Four Holy Gospels will be available January 31, 2011. An exhibition of the works featured in The Four Holy Gospels will take place from December 9 through January 9 at the Dillon Gallery in New York City.

If you want to see a few pages of the book click this: BOOK PREVIEW PDF

Also, check out his website.



A Sweet and Bitter Providence

John Piper has a new book out.  It is called Sweet and Bitter Providence.

From the Desiring God Website:

“John Piper’s newest book is an exposition and application of the major themes in the book of Ruth—sex, race, and God’s sovereignty.”

Dr. Michael Horton’s New Book

Michael Horton has a new book entitled The Gospel-Driven Life. Over the past couple of years Dr. Horton has really impacted my life through his writings and radio show- The White Horse Inn. I highly encourage you to listen or read anything by him…

Favorite quote (so far) from the book:

“The bible is not a collection of timeless principles offering a gentle thought for the day. It is not a resource for our self-improvement. Rather, it is a dramatic story that unfolds from promise to fulfillment, with Christ at the center. Its focus is God and his action. God is not a supporting actor in our drama; it is the other way around. God does not exist to make sure that we are happy and fulfilled. Rather, we exist to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. God is not a facilitator of our “life transformation” projects. He is not a life coach. Rather, he is our Creator, Lawgiver, Judge, and covenant Lord.”

Michael Horton- The Gospel Driven Life (pg 26)