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Unearthed… Fighting Against That Which Needs Fighting…

Sex trafficking is becoming an issue that is more and more something that I want to be involved in combating. From what I know, I think this organization is doing really good work fighting the good fight… and deserves some attention. Please, keep this issue on your mind and in your prayers. Warning: Some Graphic Images

As I was playing with my beautiful nieces today… this was not on my mind. But for millions of families this is a reality…

Organizations Websites:


Rapha House



Matt Chandler (Pastor of the Village Church) is in surgery as this post is being written. He is having a brain tumor removed. Please be in prayer for Pastor Chandler, his family, and the Village Church.

Matt Chandler’s latest blog post, posted earlier this morning:

Free Stuff!!!

Come and Live is a sweet new ministry that is all about honoring Christ. They are giving away a great collection of worship songs for free!  Download them HERE (Come & Live Download Page)

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Communist China Turns 60…

Tomorrow China “celebrates” the day it became a communist country.  For a reason that I cannot figure out; the Empire State Building is even commemorating this.  Having recently been to China, I praise God for it (not that I did not praise God for China before, but before I went I cannot say I actually thought about China that much). China is very beautiful, the people are extremely interesting,  and the Gospel is spreading like wildfire. But, since China has been adopting a more “western” type of business model and culture, people from the west often forget that China is still one of the most notorious countries for abuse cases. This especially includes abuses and persecution towards Chinese Christians and Chinese Christian Churches. (To read more click this: Voice of the Martyrs-China).

As you see China in the news tomorrow, remember the persecuted church in your prayers. But also thank God that despite the persecution, the gospel continues to spread.

Somethings are Worth Fighting for… pointed me towards this organization…  Love146

The cause in which they are fighting for and  are concerned about are things that everyone should be fighting for and concerned with…