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Weekly Web Surf (Jan 24-31)

Open Doors In the Muslim World(Gospel Coalition Blog)

“According to the Joshua Project, there are a little under 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, living among 3,317 different people groups. Scroll through this list and see how many of these people groups have 0.00% evangelical Christians. If we are serious about the Great Commission then we must be serious about reaching these groups that make up nearly 25% of the world’s population….”


Where to now?: A ticklish week for Barack Obama (The Economist)

“THE president’s annual state-of-the-union speech, despite the fuss and standing ovations in Congress, is often a forgettable laundry list of priorities. But Barack Obama’s first proper go at the address to Congress on Wednesday January 27th as mandated by the constitution (his inaugural speech last year did not count as a state-of-the-union talk) will be watched with unusual interest…”


11 Minutes of Action (The Wall Street Journal)

“According to a Wall Street Journal study of four recent broadcasts, and similar estimates by researchers, the average amount of time the ball is in play on the field during an NFL game is about 11 minutes….”


Tate explores link between Saddam and Star Wars (BBC News)

“… a young American artist, Michael Rakowitz, has been investigating the connection between the monument and the movie Star Wars, and he has an exhibition at the Tate Modern in London….”


Can Joel Osteen help you pay your bills? (CNN)

“It’s not a pulpit but a podium. It’s not an altar but a stage. There is no cross. Instead a huge globe spins, and two massive bubbling creeks flank the stage. A lighting system softens distant corners of the massive arena and spreads colored light and smoke in strategic spots. Somehow, the space that will hold 40,000-plus on Sunday morning doesn’t feel like a sports arena….”


Freedom to spend (The Economist)

“BY THE narrowest of majorities, America’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday January 21st that Congress may not bar corporations and unions from paying to disseminate political messages at election time. The ruling is arguably a blow for free speech, although critics of the decision quickly concluded that it would lead to big business buying elections….”


Ray Ortlund Knows How to Post…

Ray Ortlund is becoming one of my favorite people to read. This is not even something he wrote, but he knows how to post some awesomeness. From a post named “I am… nothing”


I am royal, I am lordly, I am mighty, I am honored, I am exalted, I am glorified, I am powerful, I am all-powerful, I am brilliant, I am lion-brave, I am manly, I am supreme, I am noble.”

Adad-Nirari II, in Daniel David Luckenbill, Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylonia (Chicago, 1926), I:110, italics added.


“He made himself nothing.”  Philippians 2:7

Weekly Web Surf (Jan 17 – 23)

Since (unfortunately) I find myself online for a great amount of time each week, I am starting a new feature on my blog called “Weekly Web Surf”… It will just be a few articles or things, I find online, that are interesting (or perhaps funny). Hope you enjoy!! I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, O and if you are in the “goon-squad,” try to read the stuff (it will “culture you up”… ha).


The Gospel Does What Media Coverage Can’t (Gospel Coalition Blog)

“I’m grateful for the media’s coverage of Haiti’s crisis. It confronts me with graphic images of human suffering. Where I live, life is simple and safe. I have more than enough to eat each day and a comfortable place to sleep each night. Compared to most everybody else in the world, my life is very hobbit-like. For the most part, like Tolkien’s hobbits in Middle-earth, I live among peace-loving, comfort-enjoying people….”


The man who fell to earth (The Economist)

“POLITICAL upsets don’t get much more embarrassing than the one delivered by the voters of Massachusetts on January 19th, just in time to ruin Barack Obama’s first anniversary in the White House. To lose, on a 43-point swing, a Senate seat that has been in Democratic hands since 1953 takes some doing, even in the teeth of the worst recession since the 1930s…”


UN Afghanistan survey points to huge scale of bribery (BBC News)

“More than half the population had to pay at least one bribe to a public official last year, the report adds…”


Youth in lawless Haiti at risk for sex trade, slavery, murder (USA Today)

“Now, Rev. Mark Driscoll, the pastor of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church who is known nationwide for his blunt talking sermons and in-your-face evangelism, has seen the sex trade revving up amid the rubble…”


Don Miller Responds to Pat Robertson (Relevant Magazine)

“The Blue Like Jazz author confronts Robertson’s already-infamous comments about Haiti.”


More to come…

A Whining Generation?

A great post that is very convicting. Go on over to The Gospel Coalition to hear short interview about something that unforntunatally, we are all good at.

Free Stuff!!!

Just found something awesome on the Gospel Coalition website. Over 18oo free seminary courses!!! Just imagine learning amazing things from amazing teachers, all for free!!! Well after you are done imagining, go on over to HERE ( and get to downloading. Instead of listening to talk radio or the weekly top twenty try redeeming the time when you are driving in your car or working out.

How God Called John Piper to Become a Pastor…

Ok, so if you have seen my blog, for more than ten seconds, you know that I have a great deal of admiration for Dr. John Piper. God has used this man and his ministry to push me towards Christ (on multiple occasions). I am deeply thankful for this saint. In honor of John Piper (actually to honor God’s work in and through him), Justin Taylor posted an interesting article about him on his blog. Check it out… really interesting and encouraging.

30 Years Ago Today: How God Called John Piper to Become a Pastor by Justin Taylor

John Piper (January 1979)

Justin Taylor ends his article with “Thank you, Lord, for the decisive calling you did in his heart, 30 years ago this evening.” I could not agree more!

How Can We Give Thanks Always?