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Unearthed… Fighting Against That Which Needs Fighting…

Sex trafficking is becoming an issue that is more and more something that I want to be involved in combating. From what I know, I think this organization is doing really good work fighting the good fight… and deserves some attention. Please, keep this issue on your mind and in your prayers. Warning: Some Graphic Images

As I was playing with my beautiful nieces today… this was not on my mind. But for millions of families this is a reality…

Organizations Websites:


Rapha House


Weekly Web Surf (Jan 17 – 23)

Since (unfortunately) I find myself online for a great amount of time each week, I am starting a new feature on my blog called “Weekly Web Surf”… It will just be a few articles or things, I find online, that are interesting (or perhaps funny). Hope you enjoy!! I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, O and if you are in the “goon-squad,” try to read the stuff (it will “culture you up”… ha).


The Gospel Does What Media Coverage Can’t (Gospel Coalition Blog)

“I’m grateful for the media’s coverage of Haiti’s crisis. It confronts me with graphic images of human suffering. Where I live, life is simple and safe. I have more than enough to eat each day and a comfortable place to sleep each night. Compared to most everybody else in the world, my life is very hobbit-like. For the most part, like Tolkien’s hobbits in Middle-earth, I live among peace-loving, comfort-enjoying people….”


The man who fell to earth (The Economist)

“POLITICAL upsets don’t get much more embarrassing than the one delivered by the voters of Massachusetts on January 19th, just in time to ruin Barack Obama’s first anniversary in the White House. To lose, on a 43-point swing, a Senate seat that has been in Democratic hands since 1953 takes some doing, even in the teeth of the worst recession since the 1930s…”


UN Afghanistan survey points to huge scale of bribery (BBC News)

“More than half the population had to pay at least one bribe to a public official last year, the report adds…”


Youth in lawless Haiti at risk for sex trade, slavery, murder (USA Today)

“Now, Rev. Mark Driscoll, the pastor of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church who is known nationwide for his blunt talking sermons and in-your-face evangelism, has seen the sex trade revving up amid the rubble…”


Don Miller Responds to Pat Robertson (Relevant Magazine)

“The Blue Like Jazz author confronts Robertson’s already-infamous comments about Haiti.”


More to come…

Matt Chandler on His Recent Health…

Thank God for His work in Matt Chandler’s life… thank God for His grace and mercy…

Jesus Is Like and Unlike Us

Watch This if You are a Dude

This is really convicting as I find myself in so much of what he says. But this is something all guys need to hear. Girls would probably like this video as well…

I know a little longer than usual… but make the time to watch it.

Why Bad People Do Good Things

Mark Driscoll has a new post up at the Washington Post. It is really good. Check it out!

Found out about this (and found the pic) via The Resurgence website.

Is God Punishing Me?

Great answer to a common question. Thank God for the Gospel!