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Weekly Web Surf

1. How Journalist Covered Pearl Harbor: Dec 8, 1941

“Today they may have Tweeted: “Thousands dead in Hawaii after JP attack. Worst ever on homeland. FDR: US in it to win it.” But on Dec. 8, 1941, one day after the bloodiest attack on U.S. soil by a foreign country, news organizations attempted to make sense of it all.”

“Liam Neeson recently said some interesting things about portraying (the voice of) Aslan in the Narnia movies.”
“According to Forensic Science International, caffeine is fatal to humans in does of 5 grams or more, but how many Lokos would it take to reach the limit?”
“SO WOULD President Sarah Palin have been able to prevent the embarrassment of WikiLeaks? You betcha. “Inexplicable,” was her first tweeted reaction to the affair: “I recently won in court to stop my book ‘America by Heart’ from being leaked, but US Govt can’t stop WikiLeaks’ treasonous act?”
“Faith” is an important word and concept for Christians. We are saved because we have faith in Jesus Christ. Protestants believe in sola fide, meaning that we are saved by “faith alone” and not by our works or obedience. The Bible teaches that faith is associated with a specific person (Jesus Christ), knowledge, or a set of beliefs.”





Weekly Web Surf (Oct 31 – Nov 6)

Weekly Web Surf will (depending on how much time I have) show up more than once a week. Weekly web surf will have links to news, theology, and other stuff that I find interesting. Ok, have fun reading and learning…


Serving: A Distraction to listening?

-“She was shocked to hear that Jesus didn’t value her serving as much as Mary’s listening.”

One Year Later: An Interview with Matt Chandler

-“Last November—November 26, 2009, the morning of Thanksgiving to be exact—Matt Chandler’s life changed forever.”

Sin Neutralizers

-“Sin demands a response. And it will get one. The question is not, “Will I respond to sin?” You will. I will. The real question is, “How will I respond to sin?” Sin, like gravity, is one of those unalterable laws: it happens and, therefore, I must interact with it. It is not that we are helpless, or that we are victims of sin, at least not for the Christian.”

Who Needs Porn When You’ve Got MTV?

-“This is the content of the MTV video clips that are playing on the television screens when I visit my local gym each week. It’s nothing short of soft-core pornography, and I’m over it.”

The Conspiracy Theory Of The Gospels

-“Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These are the Bible’s familiar four Gospels, received as Holy Scripture by all major branches of Christianity. From ancient times to the present, these four books have been the gateway to Jesus and his teaching. Friends and foes alike have formed their ideas about Jesus mainly from these books. But why these? Weren’t there once other Gospels which for some reason were excluded?”



Weekly Web Surf…

Why Are Christian Movies so Bad?:

-Why do Christian Movies stink? It is an age old question… but I thought the insight given here by Relevant Magazine, was very good.

Its Ok to Pass This Test:

-“The thing we often miss with 2 Corinthians 13:5 is that Paul expects the Corinthians to pass the test.”

Russell Moore has had some awesome articles lately… the first one is old. The next two are recent…

God the Gospel And Glenn Beck:

-Awesome insight, I recommend this to all my conservative friends

Are Our Testimonies Empowering Satan?

Is My Music Warping My Child’s Mind?

More to come… keep an eye out…

Weekly Web Surf (Feb 7-13)

Volunteers fight dark side of Super Bowl (McClatchy)

“They’re not here for the game, though, but to spend several days fanning out through the city to rescue underage girls who have been trafficked to South Florida as sex workers.”


Assessing Reality Rightly (For the Love of God Blog)

“CHRISTIANS HAVE OFTEN DISAGREED over the precise interpretation of Mark 13. But whatever disagreements prevail, we cannot fail to note the stunning contrast between the perspectives of the disciples when they look around the temple complex and the perspectives of Jesus himself.”


Home Schooling: Classes Apart (The Economist)

“UNLIKE many of the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” that have sought refuge in America, the Romeike family comes from a comfortable place: Bissingen an der Teck, a town in south-western Germany. Yet on January 26th an American immigration judge granted the Romeikes—a piano teacher, his wife and five children—political asylum, accepting their case that difficulties with home schooling their children created a reasonable fear of persecution.”


Man saves stalled van from oncoming train (BBC News)

“A man in Argentina has been filmed pushing a stalled van off railroad tracks seconds before it would have been hit by a train.”

Weekly Web Surf (Jan 24-31)

Open Doors In the Muslim World(Gospel Coalition Blog)

“According to the Joshua Project, there are a little under 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, living among 3,317 different people groups. Scroll through this list and see how many of these people groups have 0.00% evangelical Christians. If we are serious about the Great Commission then we must be serious about reaching these groups that make up nearly 25% of the world’s population….”


Where to now?: A ticklish week for Barack Obama (The Economist)

“THE president’s annual state-of-the-union speech, despite the fuss and standing ovations in Congress, is often a forgettable laundry list of priorities. But Barack Obama’s first proper go at the address to Congress on Wednesday January 27th as mandated by the constitution (his inaugural speech last year did not count as a state-of-the-union talk) will be watched with unusual interest…”


11 Minutes of Action (The Wall Street Journal)

“According to a Wall Street Journal study of four recent broadcasts, and similar estimates by researchers, the average amount of time the ball is in play on the field during an NFL game is about 11 minutes….”


Tate explores link between Saddam and Star Wars (BBC News)

“… a young American artist, Michael Rakowitz, has been investigating the connection between the monument and the movie Star Wars, and he has an exhibition at the Tate Modern in London….”


Can Joel Osteen help you pay your bills? (CNN)

“It’s not a pulpit but a podium. It’s not an altar but a stage. There is no cross. Instead a huge globe spins, and two massive bubbling creeks flank the stage. A lighting system softens distant corners of the massive arena and spreads colored light and smoke in strategic spots. Somehow, the space that will hold 40,000-plus on Sunday morning doesn’t feel like a sports arena….”


Freedom to spend (The Economist)

“BY THE narrowest of majorities, America’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday January 21st that Congress may not bar corporations and unions from paying to disseminate political messages at election time. The ruling is arguably a blow for free speech, although critics of the decision quickly concluded that it would lead to big business buying elections….”

Weekly Web Surf (Jan 17 – 23)

Since (unfortunately) I find myself online for a great amount of time each week, I am starting a new feature on my blog called “Weekly Web Surf”… It will just be a few articles or things, I find online, that are interesting (or perhaps funny). Hope you enjoy!! I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, O and if you are in the “goon-squad,” try to read the stuff (it will “culture you up”… ha).


The Gospel Does What Media Coverage Can’t (Gospel Coalition Blog)

“I’m grateful for the media’s coverage of Haiti’s crisis. It confronts me with graphic images of human suffering. Where I live, life is simple and safe. I have more than enough to eat each day and a comfortable place to sleep each night. Compared to most everybody else in the world, my life is very hobbit-like. For the most part, like Tolkien’s hobbits in Middle-earth, I live among peace-loving, comfort-enjoying people….”


The man who fell to earth (The Economist)

“POLITICAL upsets don’t get much more embarrassing than the one delivered by the voters of Massachusetts on January 19th, just in time to ruin Barack Obama’s first anniversary in the White House. To lose, on a 43-point swing, a Senate seat that has been in Democratic hands since 1953 takes some doing, even in the teeth of the worst recession since the 1930s…”


UN Afghanistan survey points to huge scale of bribery (BBC News)

“More than half the population had to pay at least one bribe to a public official last year, the report adds…”


Youth in lawless Haiti at risk for sex trade, slavery, murder (USA Today)

“Now, Rev. Mark Driscoll, the pastor of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church who is known nationwide for his blunt talking sermons and in-your-face evangelism, has seen the sex trade revving up amid the rubble…”


Don Miller Responds to Pat Robertson (Relevant Magazine)

“The Blue Like Jazz author confronts Robertson’s already-infamous comments about Haiti.”


More to come…