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1. How Journalist Covered Pearl Harbor: Dec 8, 1941

“Today they may have Tweeted: “Thousands dead in Hawaii after JP attack. Worst ever on homeland. FDR: US in it to win it.” But on Dec. 8, 1941, one day after the bloodiest attack on U.S. soil by a foreign country, news organizations attempted to make sense of it all.”

“Liam Neeson recently said some interesting things about portraying (the voice of) Aslan in the Narnia movies.”
“According to Forensic Science International, caffeine is fatal to humans in does of 5 grams or more, but how many Lokos would it take to reach the limit?”
“SO WOULD President Sarah Palin have been able to prevent the embarrassment of WikiLeaks? You betcha. “Inexplicable,” was her first tweeted reaction to the affair: “I recently won in court to stop my book ‘America by Heart’ from being leaked, but US Govt can’t stop WikiLeaks’ treasonous act?”
“Faith” is an important word and concept for Christians. We are saved because we have faith in Jesus Christ. Protestants believe in sola fide, meaning that we are saved by “faith alone” and not by our works or obedience. The Bible teaches that faith is associated with a specific person (Jesus Christ), knowledge, or a set of beliefs.”





Sweet Sermon (well actually a lecture)….

I love talking to people about religion… I love talking about religion with people who don’t agree with me… I love Tim Keller… Therefore, I love this video! Take the time to watch it!

Remember To Vote…

It is easy to think that this point in history is unique… especially when it comes to politics. Most people think that this country (USA, for my foreign readers) is the most divided it has ever been, and its nasty political ads prove this. Well… this clever video using actual quotes, should give some perspective on this idea…

Here I Stand (on Reformation Day!)…

Today may be celebrated as a day for ghouls and goblins, but today actually is a day meant to celebrate Martin Luther’s Nailing of the 95 theses (I am going trick or treating with my nephew… and I will gladly eat some candy).

To Learn more about this click here: What is Reformation Day All About?

or watch this cool PBS video…

Happy Reformation Day!!

Politics aside…

So I love my country (USA)… but one of the reasons I love it, is that literally almost anyone can run for political office (this, of course,  is also one of the reasons that I dislike my country!).

Check out this as well…

Campaign Craziness (by the BBC)


I am back…

Ok so I never really left… I just wanted a break from the blog. But since multiple people (ask me multiple times a week… Conner) to send them stuff I find online, I figured that it was necessary to just start posting blogs again. Plus, with this election, who can afford not to have a blog! I mean seriously, blogs were invented for this video…

Remembering Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Sweet Sermon!!!)

29 years ago today, a beast of a preacher went home to be with the Lord. If you have no idea who this is, repent… then dive into the preaching and teaching of a very wise saint.

Martin Lloyd-Jones Resources

Here is a short Bio: