The Four Holy Gospels…

Take a look at this “new” book (by new, I mean that the book is old, the art is new). I have seen this artist’s work before and it is very cool. This is a perfect example of being a Christian and an artist, not just making some weird form of “christian art.” This project is on amazon for 37% off (pre-sale price)! Christmas gift idea?

From the Crossway blog:

Makoto Fujimura, one of the century’s most highly regarded artists, has illuminated the Four Holy Gospels. Fujimura is known for his use of traditional Japanese Nihonga techniques and his passion for reconnecting Christian faith with fine art. This will mark the first time in nearly 400 years that an illuminated book of the four Gospels has been undertaken by a single artist. . . .

Editions of The Four Holy Gospels will be available January 31, 2011. An exhibition of the works featured in The Four Holy Gospels will take place from December 9 through January 9 at the Dillon Gallery in New York City.

If you want to see a few pages of the book click this: BOOK PREVIEW PDF

Also, check out his website.



Buddhism… the peaceful religion?

warning: some graphic images


Remember To Vote…

It is easy to think that this point in history is unique… especially when it comes to politics. Most people think that this country (USA, for my foreign readers) is the most divided it has ever been, and its nasty political ads prove this. Well… this clever video using actual quotes, should give some perspective on this idea…

Weekly Web Surf (Oct 31 – Nov 6)

Weekly Web Surf will (depending on how much time I have) show up more than once a week. Weekly web surf will have links to news, theology, and other stuff that I find interesting. Ok, have fun reading and learning…


Serving: A Distraction to listening?

-“She was shocked to hear that Jesus didn’t value her serving as much as Mary’s listening.”

One Year Later: An Interview with Matt Chandler

-“Last November—November 26, 2009, the morning of Thanksgiving to be exact—Matt Chandler’s life changed forever.”

Sin Neutralizers

-“Sin demands a response. And it will get one. The question is not, “Will I respond to sin?” You will. I will. The real question is, “How will I respond to sin?” Sin, like gravity, is one of those unalterable laws: it happens and, therefore, I must interact with it. It is not that we are helpless, or that we are victims of sin, at least not for the Christian.”

Who Needs Porn When You’ve Got MTV?

-“This is the content of the MTV video clips that are playing on the television screens when I visit my local gym each week. It’s nothing short of soft-core pornography, and I’m over it.”

The Conspiracy Theory Of The Gospels

-“Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These are the Bible’s familiar four Gospels, received as Holy Scripture by all major branches of Christianity. From ancient times to the present, these four books have been the gateway to Jesus and his teaching. Friends and foes alike have formed their ideas about Jesus mainly from these books. But why these? Weren’t there once other Gospels which for some reason were excluded?”



Here I Stand (on Reformation Day!)…

Today may be celebrated as a day for ghouls and goblins, but today actually is a day meant to celebrate Martin Luther’s Nailing of the 95 theses (I am going trick or treating with my nephew… and I will gladly eat some candy).

To Learn more about this click here: What is Reformation Day All About?

or watch this cool PBS video…

Happy Reformation Day!!

Halloween… good vs evil? VS   

Dr. John Dickson offers some good thoughts on a topic that is always controversial around this time of year. He is writing in an Australian context, but what he says makes prefect sense for us Americans as well…

Is Halloween Evil? By John Dickson

Politics aside…

So I love my country (USA)… but one of the reasons I love it, is that literally almost anyone can run for political office (this, of course,  is also one of the reasons that I dislike my country!).

Check out this as well…

Campaign Craziness (by the BBC)